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Headshot or no shot?

Your headshot/profile image is the first thing your audience sees so why not create a lasting first impression? It can take 0.05 seconds for someone to judge you by your image.

Headshots feature real people behind your business. Developing trust with your team before meeting in person. Headshots can convey the character of your team and the vibe of your business.

  • Fun

  • Silly

  • Serious

Compositions and pose options are all factors that help your audience build a connection.

This can be on your socials such as LinkedIn, websites, your business card even your email signature. Updated images show that you are in the here and now as well as keeping the company personality on brand.

Think about your brand, does your headshot/profile represent this in any way from your colors and theme to your values and mission? Adding a little helps show consistency throughout your brand. It helps to show the professional side of your business and that you are serious about your business and future.

They should match up with the company branding, each headshot should carry a similar feel. Uniform headshots show your audience that your staff belongs to something bigger, showing your team and business is strong, consistent, and trustworthy.

Within today's era, it is critical to update these headshots/profile images and have the correct image for the correct audience. You don't want a night-out photo on a LinkedIn profile as it does not show a professional look. Headshots are a great way to showcase on socials for introduction to new members of staff, success stories, shoutouts, promotions even birthdays, all the worthy news and announcements.

Headshots prepare your business for opportunities, press releases, or even guest speaker opportunities.

Having a professional photographer in your back pocket makes it easy to create headshots for new faces.

Photo shoot day can be a team-building activity!

Whether you love or hate photos it gives the teams the opportunity to catch up. Headshots don't have to be single, they can be groups, doubles even action shots which are fun and creates great marketing materials.

Thinking of your next headshot team-building experience, then why not give me a shout at

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