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Why working with a personal brand photographer will grow your business?

Updated: Jan 30

Your Guide to a brand shoot and working with a brand photographer

Brand shoot and the photographer

Your brand shoot should start with finding the right photographer! Do you know that 'love at first sight' feeling? This connection makes all the difference and is so important because if you don't have that connection it will be displayed through your images. Not all photographers specialize in brand photography so it is important to make sure you find the right photographer. Brand photographers are not just photographers they are content creators, who help you with getting clarity with your brand, as well as marketing guidance, we brand photographers are more than just a photographer. A brand photographer has been through specialist training and is a totally different ball game to other niches.

Research your photographer.

What is included in a brand shoot?

How a brand shoot will empower you?


Research your photographer.

Try before you buy.

A personal brand shoot for your business is very much dependent on your photographer. Every photographer you meet will be different, no two are alike, so research them. Take up the offer to have a discovery call with your photographer this will help you to identify if they are the right fit. Ask questions this will help you feel more relaxed and get the correct information from them.

Personal brand shoots are not cheap, you pay for what you get. We have all done it and all the headaches that come with it. Take me for an example I want you to get the best out of your shoot so what I put in to help you takes time lots of time. This is the best business investment you can get for your business and to top it off it is tax deductible.

What is included in a brand shoot?

It all starts with a discovery call then you book, we plan and then we shoot.

Once you book a discovery call I'll send out a little questionnaire to help me understand your business and needs. This will allow me to take a look at your website, socials, etc as well as help me to ask you the right questions to help you. Within your discovery call, I will learn all about your business, your pain points, your personality, your values, your mission, and what your business provides. This will then give me the information I need to outline for you the packages that are available to you and that are on the right route for you.

You can ask me any questions, pick my brains Im here to help then once you chose the right package for you then we get to the exciting bit and booked you in.

Not so bad now, is it? What you will have noticed is, we have connected, and you have a feeling that I am the right person for the job and vice versa.

Ok, all booked in so now I send you an email with a little welcome guide with all you want to know and things to consider about before we start to plan the shoot. I will assign you a visual task which Is done via Pinterest. This will help me understand your needs, and wants and how to create that magic in your shoot!

You're investing in your business so every step counts towards your end goal!

I will ask you to look at a workbook which ill email out to you, again this is to help you think about your ideal client, identify your ideal client as well as help you think about how you will stand out. It will help identify your core values, your mission, and ways we can create variety in your images. (If you went to ASDA and bought an apple, how many varieties do you have on the shelf?) This is what we want to achieve for you too! The guide will help you think about outfit ideas, props you will use, products, services, etc, do we need some helping hands such as friends, models, or family?

This is a great time to think about location, it is all about the location but it is what you want from your images and how those images will stand out, and display you and your brand. Let's be brave and have some really good ideas. Think about the lighting, how that will make you feel and what your ideal client will feel when they see your images.

The planning phase is where we go into the workbook together and plan it out together.

Once we have completed this it is shoot day and shabang we are done!

Still notice all the time we are putting in, and the relationship we have built! Are you liking the sound of this so far?

The reason we put all the work in front, is we want the shoot to be all about you having fun, and relaxing and for you to have a fabulous experience while I capture the images you need, want, deserve, and love. The shoot itself il guide you through it in accordance with the plan we created together and I can guarantee you a wonderful experience with some laughs and giggles.

How your brand shoot will empower you?

During this journey, you will notice how you start to feel about yourself and your business!

You will understand what others see, especially through my lens. Your confidence will grow, and you will feel more self-worth because everything you are putting in is displayed to your audience. Building your know, like, and trust so that your ideal clients will be more confident to purchase your service or product. You will look and feel more professional and you will be unique, this is the most important part of any journey because it is going to stop the scroll, and stop you from using stock images that have been used over and over! You will be ranking higher which is increasing your visibility, and help you stand out gaining more attention.

The best thing’s a personal brand shoot can help you grow your business

  • Save you TIME

  • Marketing EASIER

  • Be more VISIBLE

  • LESS stressed


Time and time again my clients report to me how they feel much more confident in themselves and their business and have more self-worth and are more comfortable marketing themselves!

It all starts with a brand clarity call

So get on now so that you can start your personal brand shoot today!!!!

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