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What do you even wear to a brand shoot?

Updated: Feb 27

I have a brand shoot but I don't know what to wear...

What you wear is crucial in sending the right message to your ideal clients.

Working closely with my clients before a shoot through the discovery call, visual board, and workbook results in the amazing images you see in my galleries. Everything from outfits, and props to all the small details.

Choose at least 3 different outfits

Multiple outfits can help with variety, (think of Asda and apples as per my previous blog).

  • Smart casual - Jeans, smart shirt, or blouse

  • Smart Smart - Like as if you are back at school with a shirt, trousers, and a blazer.

  • Glam it up - Why not think of the red carpet, what are you going to walk across wearing?

Don't forget accessories, hats, scarves, bracelets, earrings, you get the idea!

Brand Colors in what you wear!

Adding your colors will help reinforce your brand story! Help build brand recognition!

  • add to your top

  • to your lippy

  • accessories

  • props

Don't be afraid to embrace your colors and styles

Wearing confidence!

Wearing an outfit that makes you feel incredible will help you face the fear in front of the camera. It will help to make you feel less self-conscious!

As my mom once said "Put them hooker heels on" just get them out!

Put your makeup on, and style your hair!

Let it down, let the wind give you some movement. Always a great shot to get!

Style it, curl it just 'embrace it'.

Wear it if you must but I'm a natural kinda girl.

Outfits invest or reuse?

Investing in some new outfits, shoes, hairstyles, and colors to make the most out of your brand shoot. Your stepping out of your comfort zone and investing in yourself and your business.

However take a look in your cupboard and see if there is something you can reuse, something that is suitable for all-year use. Think of the seasons and natural tones that you can change your shoes, accessories, props, etc.

Change these and it can change a basic outfit vibe. Think of your day-to-day, do you wear workout gear for your business? Wear it, and rock your look!

Wear what you do and not what your not!

Sheer fabrics photograph really well! Solids and prints

Avoid logos and neon colors

We don't want to create another brand in your images! Neon colors reflect on your clothing and onto your skin! Your bright pink top is now giving you a pink face, and arms and we don't want that!

Props can be used to highlight these as well as locations.

Most common things people say "I'm not photogenic or "I hate being in front of the camera"

You will always find a flaw, or imperfection in yourself. In front of the camera can bring out all kinds of insecurities you have ever faced!

I am here to help you face that fear with guidance every step of the way from the way your legs are positioned to how you hold your hands. I will listen to your insecurities and not throw comments to counter your fears!

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